Project Snow Leopard {India} for UPSC

Project Snow Leopard {India} for UPSC

Project Snow Leopard

Project Snow Leopard

A globally endangered species.
Surviving in the Himalaya and Central Asian mountains, facing tremendous human

India having a substantial proportion of its global population.
Distribution in India – High altitude areas of Indian Himalayas.
5 Himalayan states – Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and
Arunachal Pradesh.
Most snow leopard occurring order – China, follow by Mongolia and India.
Threats posed due to

  • o Competition with livestock
    o Degradation
    o Poaching
    o Even facing local extinction

Project Snow Leopard – Jan 2009

The Project Snow Leopard is an Indian initiative for strengthening wildlife conservation
in the Himalayan high altitudes.

To promote a knowledge-based and adaptive conservation framework.
It also involves the local communities, who share the snow leopard’s range, in
conservation efforts.
To safeguard and conserve India’s unique natural heritage of high altitude wildlife
populations and their habitats by promoting conservation through participatory policies
and actions.
All Himalayan high altitudes states Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand,
Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh.
It is designed for all biologically important habitats within the snow leopard’s range,
irrespective of their ownership (e.g. Protected Areas, common land, etc.).

Q.) Why to conserve the high altitude ecosystem?

High altitudes of India (> 3000 m. to 130,000 km2, including the Himalaya and TransHimalaya biogeographic zones) support a unique wildlife assemblage of global
conservation importance.
It includes highly endangered populations of species like – the snow leopard, two species
of bears, wolf, red panda, mountain ungulates such as the wild yak, chiru, Tibetan
gazelle, Tibetan argali etc.
India has ratified international agreements promoting the conservation of high altitude
wildlife species such as the snow leopard.

Expansion of scope of the CITES Tiger Enforcement Task Force to include all Asian Big cat
species including the snow leopard.

Save Our Snow Leopards (SOS)

It is a project launched by WWF India, in partnership with Tata Housing Development Company
in January 2014.

Project Snow Leopard
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