Mammals – Near Threatened: Near-threatened species
Mammals – Near Threatened

Mammals – Near Threatened: Near-threatened species

Mammals – Near Threatened

Marbled cat (Pardofelis marmorata)

Habitat – northern India and Nepal, through south-eastern Asia to Borneo and Sumatra.
o In India – Sikkim, Darjeeling, moist tropical forest.
Arboreal in nature.
Threats – hunting, habitat destruction for marbled cat and its prey.

Marbled cat


Distribution – In the Indian subcontinent, the blackbuck can also be found in deserts (in
the northwestern region), coastal areas, mountains (in the northern- northeastern
Habitat – Grass land.
Threat – excessive hunting for meat and sporting trophies, as well as habitat loss.

Mammals – Near Threatened

Himalayan tahr

Habitat – Himalayas.
Threats – The major threats in China are uncontrolled hunting and deforestation. In
India, Himalayan tahr is sometimes hunted for meat, and there is apparently significant
competition with livestock for summer grazing in some areas.

Himalayan tahr

Markhor (Capra falconeri)

National animal of Pakistan.
Habitat/Distribution – mountains of central Asia. In India some parts of Jammu and
Status – moved from endangered to near threatened.
Threat – hunting (both for meat and for its twisted horns), armed conflict and habitat

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